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What is this page?

This page is permanently Under Construction.

It is a paen to motorcycling (Advanced and off-road), digital photography, vanity publishing and errr- anything else I like.

It vaguely justifies my owning hodson.org.uk and markhodson.com (other Hodsons take note: you were too slow!)

There are also some links and other stuff too - This also gives some more background.

For my sins, I have to admit to being a founder member of London Advanced Motorcyclists.
I teach Advanced Riding and I write on the subject, too.

To make up for LAM (only joking) I help not to organise SLGLMTS - The South London GreenLane and Malicious Trespass Society.
"Not to organise" as it is possibly illegal....
I have also learnt how to wheelie at the Stunt Wheelie School (how Advanced).

The page of quotations may be interesting. There's no theme - just a list of quotes I liked enough to note down. Contributions welcome!

Text & Articles is just that: some articles (some of 'em mine) and other text stuff that I wanted to keep.
And I really, really should update it.

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